Being the leader of a family is one of the most difficult jobs we’ll ever have. Being firm and kind at the same time is incredibly hard to balance. When someone in the family is acting out, it’s because they are communicating that something is not right. It’s a call for help that needs to be answered. Family therapy can be effective in addressing concerns of your family. Every problem can be an opportunity to grow; as difficult as it can be, the light at the end of the tunnel is waiting for you.

If you have one of these problems with your children, I may be able to help:

  • Disobedience and rebellion
  • Drugs and alcohol
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Poor school performance
  • Issues around sexuality
  • Technology addiction.

For parenting guidance I use the Positive Discipline method, I recommend parents reading the book along with therapy.

For adult families, I recommend the book Coming Home Again, to learn what to expect in an adult family therapy setting. One of the authors, Dr. Timothy Weber was one of my professors in graduate school.