Are you ready to dance?

If you are only starting to consider going to couples therapy, DO IT NOW. Waiting too long to seek help is a common mistake that many couples make, often resulting on being too late to repair your relationship.

Why do we get hurt by the people that we love the most? Why do we get into fights that seem meaningless and repetitive? How can we communicate with our partner in meaningful and productive ways? Can we really get back what we once had? How can we get closer and more intimate with each other?
There are answers to these questions, but unfortunately it’s not a recipe. The answers are different for every couple. When we partner with someone, we create a chemistry that is unlike any other couple, and when we enter a high emotional state it is hard to think clearly and objectively. Each couple creates their own dance, and like any dance, it can be fun or it can be stressful.

What I offer as a therapist is guidance in the exploration of your journey, helping navigate the tricky path toward a deeper connection that many couples seek, shifting from the recurring battles that serve as roadblocks to better understand what each partner truly wants and needs.

The approach I use for most of my work with couples is EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy) and IFS (Internal Family Systems). I have received training from the current world leaders in marriage therapy, including Dr. Sue Johnson, Dr. John Gottman, Dr. Richard Schwartz and Dr. Terry Real. I recommend you to read some of their books to better understand the work you’d be doing with me:  “Hold Me Tight”, “7 Principles to Make Marriage Work”, “You Are the One You’ve Been Waiting For” and “The New Rules of Marriage” respectively.

I advise you to seek help while you still have energy to spend in changing what’s not working on your relationship, instead of spending the last bit of energy in meaningless fights and disconnection. Give your partner and yourself the opportunity to have an intimate, close and trusting relationship, if you think it’s worth it.

I provide this service On-line with a secure video system.


This 3 or 5-hour format is recommended for couples or families that want to have a long start up for regular therapy, that live out of town and want to come in for a full day of therapy, or simply that want to have a lot done in one session instead of many weekly one hour sessions.


  • No interruption after one hour. Sometimes this is just when sessions start getting intense and it can be hard going home at that moment.
  • We have time to slow things down into a gentle pace as you go deeper into your inner world, minimizing the risk of further damage in the relationship.
  • There is more time to combine experiential learning with theory explanations about relationships, attachment and humanity.


  • It can be emotionally tiring (I recommend planning that full day of rest after your session to replenish energy and continue to process on your own).
  • The expense of 5 hours at once instead of one weekly can be difficult for some people. Insurance doesn’t cover this format, and in most cases it doesn’t cover couple’s therapy at all.
  • After a few hours some people might get flooded or over tired and could stop thinking clearly, though I teach self care techniques like meditation and movement to use it as a learning opportunity.

Usually the scheduled time is on a Monday, Friday or Saturday from 10:00am to 4:00pm with one hour lunch in between (on your own). The cost is my hourly fee times 5, currently $200×5. That means $1,000 for the 5 hour session.

Please email me if you have any questions about this format or if you would like to schedule a session at