What are your fees?

The cost per 50 min. session is  $225 for Couples Therapy, and $175 for Individual Therapy.

IFS Consultation is $175/hr  for individual consultation and $225 for a group of 2 or 3 people.

Do you take insurance?

Since June 30th 2021 I no longer bill any insurance company, but I can provide you with an invoice (superbill) for you to submit to your insurance company to get reimbursed according to your out of network benefits, if you have them.

How does “out of network” work?

Sessions are paid out of pocket with your HSA/FSA account or any credit card. You get an invoice to submit your paperwork to your insurance, after a few weeks you get a check with their reimbursement, according to the percentage they cover. You should know that in order for your insurance to cover counseling services you first need to be diagnosed with a mental health condition.

Please check your out of network coverage carefully by calling the customer service of your insurance company and asking the following questions:

  •  Do I have out of network mental health coverage?
  • What percentage is covered? Is there a deductible to cover first, and has it been met?
  • How do I submit my super-bills for reimbursements?
  • (If it’s couples therapy): Am I covered for diagnosis Z-63.0-(Problems in relationship with spouse or partner)?

How do I fill out intake forms?
I will send you the intake forms to fill out via online in my secure system once we set up out first appointment.

How many sessions do I need?
It depends on your situation. Therapy is NOT a short-term work, so I recommend that you commit to at least 10 sessions in order for you to start seeing results. For some people that is enough, for others it might take a year or more. This is not very much, if you consider how long it took you to get where you are right now, and how much longer you’ll be able to enjoy the results.

How long are the therapy sessions?
They are all 50 minutes, occasionally they extend to 60 minutes. I also offer extended 3 or 5 hour sessions for people that come from out of town or that want to do intensive work in one day. These sessions are usually on Mondays or weekends and need to be scheduled in advance.

What is your cancellation policy?
If you do not show up for your scheduled appointment, and you have not notified me with at least 48 hours in advance, you will be required to pay the full cost of the therapy as booked. Insurance companies don’t cover late cancellations.

How often should I expect to come in?
People usually start coming in once a week and then as the therapy progresses and things begin to improve we might decide that coming in less often will work. In the beginning once a week visits tend to build up momentum for progress and also help to create the kind of trusting relationship needed for the therapy to be effective. It’s VERY important to be consistent in order to create change.

I don’t speak Spanish, can I still see you?
Absolutely. Spanish is my first language, but my professional training and much of my life is conducted in English.  As long as you feel comfortable with my accent, I’m happy to work with you.

How do you choose a therapist?
Research has shown that the most important aspect of therapy is the relationship that forms between you and your therapist. It is essential that you choose a therapist with whom you feel comfortable and safe, with whom you feel you can open up and be honest.

I can talk to my friends. Why should I see a therapist?
Friends can be a great resource in our lives, and is VERY important to have them. But friends often aren’t objective; sometimes they are unintentionally judgmental, opinionated and unsupportive. They might want you to do what they want or need according to heir own value system, which some times might confuse you. They could also break your confidentiality creating further problems between you. As a therapist, I offer my knowledge, insights, observations and confidentiality in a way that helps you move from where you are stuck, focusing entirely on your story with objectivity.

Do you offer sessions online?
Yes, my sessions are online only nowadays. Once COVID passes, I may or may not return to in-person sessions depending on the circumstances then. For psychotherapy, given laws and ethics I can only work with people residing in Washington State. For consultation and training people can live anywhere.
We use a specific video software that is HIPPA compliant in order to protect your confidentiality.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to contact me.