The cost per 50 min. session is  $200 for Couples Therapy, and $150 for Individual Therapy.


Since June 30th 2021 I no longer bill any insurance company, but I can provide you with an invoice (superbill) for you to submit to your insurance company to get reimbursed according to your out of network benefits, if you have them.

How does “out of network” work?

Sessions are paid out of pocket with your HSA/FSA account or any credit card. You get an invoice to submit your paperwork to your insurance, after a few weeks you get a check with their reimbursement, according to the percentage they cover. You should know that in order for your insurance to cover counseling services you first need to be diagnosed with a mental health condition.

Please check your out of network coverage carefully by calling the customer service of your insurance company and asking the following questions:
Do I have out of network mental health coverage? What percentage is covered? Is there a deductible to cover first, and has it been met? How do I submit my super-bills for reimbursements?

I will send you the intake forms to fill out via online once we set up out first appointment. Please fill them out before you come in, that way we will use all of our time wisely.